1. Core Research :

Health and Disease Research Center for Rural Peoples, Bangladesh is a non-profit health sector NGO, which focuses on assessment of the emerging health problems in poor rural subpopulation in Bangladesh, disseminate the research findings to society, calling for health policy reformulation.

This center also focuses on the low cost health technology innovation for the risk prediction, diagnosis and prognosis for priority health problems with international collaborations.

Translational research in health and medical field is the key approach of this center.

Research approaches: multidisciplinary

Basic research including in vivo and in vitro experiment with genetically engineered animal models
Clinical research including clinical trials
Epidemiological studies including cross-sectional, case-control, nested case-control, prospective and retrospective cohort, interventional designs
Social approaches: Operational, market research

This center is trying to introduce genetic epidemiology in Bangladesh

Preferred research focus: Hard-reaching rural Bangladeshi women

Key research objectives:

a) Innovation of low cost technology through elucidation and clarification of mechanistic insights of global warning health crises (risk prediction, diagnostic and prognostic purposes);

b) Development of therapeutic strategies for prevention and curative purposes for emerging global health problem specially focused to low income countries

Primary research interest: is in elucidating key cardiovascular complications of non-communicable and life-style related disorders that have high social impact, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stroke, and postmenopausal syndrome, a part of my research work also focuses on infectious disease.

2. Academic:

Accept national and international students, researchers, fellows to help to conduct their researches in Bangladesh with collaboration.

3. Establishing research network globally in medical and health sciences:

This research center has linkages with numerous local and international organizations, universities, institutes, companies and receives funding support from a number of sources.