Some Selected Ongoing Research Topics

Cardiovascular complications of postmenopausal women:

Selected current (ongoing) projects are:

    • Development of a potential novel biomarker to predict the risk of developing diabetes and its cardiovascular complications in postmenopausal women based on the estrogen-VEGF axis: Innovation of non-estrogen based therapeutic option for women at high risk.
    • Screening of prevalence of cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women in Bangladeshi population and overcoming the social barriers.
    • Evaluation of common sequence variation in the VEGF-A gene in the prediction of risk of coronary artery disease in Bangladeshi postmenopausal women.

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome:

Some selected ongoing projects are:

    • Development of a novel biomarker to predict the risk of development of gestational diabetes in Bangladesh (already cited above)
    • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetic cardiovascular complications through microcirculatory approach.
    • Genetic signature approach for the development of diagnostic biomarker for metabolic syndrome.
    • Screening of prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Bangladeshi population using advanced biomarker assessment.
    • Evaluation of common sequence variation in the VEGF-A gene in the prediction of risk of diabetic retinopathy in Bangladeshi population.
    • Pharmaceutical company-sponsored clinical trials of statin for the treatment of diabetic complication.
    • Time course plasma growth factor assessment in Japanese diabetic patients receiving dialysis treatment. 

Sepsis and emerging infectious diseases (ongoing project): 

    • Diagnostic innovation for sepsis and emerging infectious diseases through microcirculatory approach. 

Expanded program on immunization (EPI):

    •  Factors preventing the complete success of expanded program on immunization in Bangladesh (in collaboration with local WHO fellow in Bangladesh). 

Stroke and hypertension:

    • Evaluation of molecular imaging with SPECT in the detection of cerebral vasculature in Japanese patients with cerebrovascular diseases (supervision of Ph.D student project). 

Endothelin research (ongoing project):

    • Establishment of endothelin research in Bangladesh (with local collaboration of Bogra Medical College, Cardiovascular Division, in Bangladesh).

Nursing project:

    • Understanding the impact of nursing education on health and education at household level in Bangladesh (with Grameen Caledonian Nursing College). 

Health microinsurance project:

    • Innovation of a low cost affordable health microinsurance scheme for Bangladeshi rural people (research supported by Grameen Kalyan in Bangladesh).
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